A proper backup system is crucial to every business' computer network. The prospect of losing all your work is a particularly unpleasant one. Eventually, every computer's hard disk fails, on the average, about 30,000 hours of use is what you get out of them. New solid-state drives (SSDs) are just hitting the market, and with no moving parts, they're vastly superior in performance and reliability (and price). Even with an advanced SSD installed in your system, it's still a good idea to have an off-site backup in case of fire or theft.

With new internet-enabled technology, it's possible to impliment a completely automated off-site backup that runs over the internet, so there's no more switching backup discs or carrying backups home from the office. Each morning, you'll find a report from the backup system in your Email, reporting that the previous night's encrypted backup run was successful (or not). There's no need to worry and nothing to forget, and all at a very reasonable expense.

Informative Technologies will design a custom automated backup solution to match your needs and budget. Whether you need hundreds of gigabytes of data backed up or you just want to backup your two workstations onto each other, let Informative Technologies help you select and implement a proper backup system and eliminate any risks.