Remote Maintenance Program:

The Remote Maintenance Program from Informative Technologies is an efficient way to maintain your computer systems. Here’s how it works:

First – All your office computers need to be configured for secure remote access – this is a relatively simple task, and most offices will already have all the equipment that's needed. Once configured, in addition to remote maintenance, your computers will be remotely accessible to your company's personnel as well, this means you’ll be able to operate any or all of your office computers from anywhere in the world with any computer, so long as you're connected to the Internet. For more information on requirements and security, please read the page on remote access.

Second - Each month, your computers are updated with the latest patches and updates, and checked for performance-robbing malware and internet applications, which are cleaned when detected. All this is done after-hours, so it does not affect your business' productivity.

Third - Now that your machines are remotely accessible, emergency service is a click away. While not all service issues can be solved remotely, solving the ones that can by remote saves a lot of time and money.

The many benefits of the Remote Maintenance Program:

This program has been created with the goal of providing clients with improved service while stabilizing IT costs. By eliminating the wasted time & cost of driving to client's offices, a significant savings can be offered.