Sales and Service of Computers & Related Equipment:

Computer Sales

When it's time to purchase a computer, Informative Technologies recommends purchasing a custom configured system. There are many advantages to this, the biggest being that all the componenets are selected for optimum value. Certainly, if you request the very top-of-the-line, that is what you will receive, but that is a recipe for a very expensive computer. It is not uncommon to find components where the 'next-best' option offers 80% of the performance for half the price. By carefully selecting the components your new computer will offer maximum performance for your money, and will be composed of the most reliable, current-generation parts available. Computer systems built by Informative Technologies benefit not only from their carefully selected components, but also the extra time and care that is taken when they are assembled.

Although custom-configured systems are carefully configured with attention to value, they're still usually more expensive than certain off-the-shelf solutions. While Informative Technologies does not sell preconfigured systems like the 'big box' stores, we understand the lure of the low price and are happy to support any computer you choose for your office. We're happy to provide our clients with specifications to look for when they're out bargain hunting.

Office Equipment

In addition to computers, Informative Technologies is able to provide other office equipment: printers, scanners, networking devices, even video projectors and sound systems. Please inquire.