Virus Removal & PC Performance Tuning:

The internet is full of dishonest people distributing malicious software. With so many threats to contend with, even the best anti-virus software cannot protect against absolutely everything. These disreputable people are sometimes after your personal or financial data, sometimes, they want to take control of your machine outright or use your computer as part of a botnet. Some viruses have no goal at all, other than causing damage to as many computers as possible. If your machine has become infected, the effects can range from a negligible loss in performance to a complete loss of computer function - Informative Technologies can remove the infection and restore your computer system to normal operation.

In addition to the viruses and malware described above, there are plenty of less malicious ways regular internet use can interfere with the performance of your computer. Many internet applications install services and monitoring applications that run in the background, all the time. Each one on it's own isn't much of a problem, but as more and more of them are installed over time, they add up to a significant resource drain.

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